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Humboldt County Redwood Forests

Giant Redwood Trees - Northern CA

Until you have been in the presence of these majestic trees, you can not imagine the feelings of serenity they emanate.

“Giant Redwoods

The Giant Redwoods of California are the tallest and one of the most massive tree species on Earth. They can grow up to 380 feet (115m) in height and up to 26 feet (8m) in diameter. These trees can live up to 2,200 years. The Giant Redwoods are an evergreen tree only found in California. The soft, fibrous tree bark is up to 12 inches thick with a red-brown color. No tour of California is complete without seeing the massive Giant Redwoods.
Location of the Giant Redwoods

The Giant Redwoods can be found in a narrow strip of coastal California land less than 500 miles long from Big Sur to just north of the Oregon border. The depth inland ranges from as small as 5 miles to 47 miles at the widest point.

The Redwoods National and State Parks are a group of parks with a total area of more than 130,000 acres located in Del Norte and Humboldt Counties along the coast of Northern California. These parks protect 45% of the remaining Coastal Redwood old-growth forests.
Tallest Redwood Tree

The current tallest tree is Hyperion, was not discovered until 2006. This Giant Redwood measures in at 379.1 feet (115.55 m) tall. Hyperion is located in a remote area of the Redwood National Park purchased in 1978, during the Carter Administration. The exact location of the tree has not been revealed to the public for fear of damage to the area by tourism.

Other Giant Redwood Facts

  • There are 15 known living trees more than 361 feet (110 m) tall.
  • A tree claimed to be 115.8 m (380 feet) was cut down in 1912.
  • The tallest non-redwood tree is a 100.3 m (329 foot) tall Douglas-fir.
  • The second and third tallest giant redwoods are Helios and Icarus which are 376.3 and 371.2 feet tall respectively. They were also undiscovered until 2006 by Atkins & Taylor.
  • Some of the larger and older redwoods have extensive life high up in the canopy.
  • One tree, Poseidon, has a fern garden as large as a truck in it.”

— Source: http://www.californiatravelcenter.com/vacation-spots/California+Giant+Redwoods.html

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