Hi and thanks for stopping by. I suppose I should write a little something about myself here.

Photography has been a passion of mine since high school over thirty (gulp) years ago.  Between colleges, I attended New England School of Photography in Boston to hone my skills and broaden my repertoire.   We were still using film in those pre-digital days and I found I enjoyed the darkroom processing and manipulation as much as the image capturing.  I was also fortunate enough to be introduced to some excellent teachers and many different techniques including formal portraiture, product photography and studio lighting and perhaps, most significantly the process and language of critiquing.

But the real reason I picked up a camera and started taking photos was to escape my mother!  I know, Freud would have a heyday with this, but really my mother was a photographic influence on me since I can first remember. She was always chasing the family around with a camera cataloging daily life and all the celebrations and milestones. The only way to stop her was to flip roles and start taking the pictures!

Antique Bus outside Grand Teton National Park

Flashing forward several years, I had the good fortune of being unable to decide what I wanted to study in college, so I tried three different colleges and several majors including computer science, math, marketing and finally business administration. This hodgepodge of disciplines combined with photography has served me well over the years. I co-founded an internet legal directory during the infancy of the web in 1995 and subsequently designed, built and managed several other websites in the ensuing years. The directory site was eventually purchased by a large publicly traded company affording me the opportunity to pursue photography full time.

The confluence of my technological background and innate sense of visual design is blissfully at home in photography. What could be more fun and gratifying than capturing a moment in time and then tweaking it later to reflect the mind’s eye? As of late, I have been creating many HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. I find this process is particularly effective in landscape, automotive and architectural photography where there is naturally a wider tonal range occurring and/or there are many reflective surfaces. I am also experimenting with mixing effects for portraiture and event photography.

Send me a message if you have any questions or just want to know more about anything.

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