2 Responses to Moon rise over Minot

  1. Ron Lansverk says:

    When I see November 20 and Minot in the same sentence my senses are at high alert. You see I was born on November 20th in Minot…North Dakota, in 1949. But then I look at the photography and those alerted senses spot talented work.

    Interestingly, I work for FEMA out the Boston office, but live in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN area. I’ve been to Minot, ME on business for FEMA but never had heard of Minot, MA while in the office.

    Anyway, I enjoy looking at your work and with time hope to better understand your methods for the look is great.

    Ron Lansverk

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for the kind comments.

    You’ll have to take the time to visit Minot and the rest of the south shore some time when you are in the Boston area.

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